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What is an Cervical Steroid Injection?

The interventional Pain management doctors at phoenixcaraccident.com want you to know that Cervical Epidural injections is a vitality important treatment performed with the goal of providing enough pain relief so that you the car accident victim can progress with your Chiropractic rehabilitation program. The interventional pain medical doctors believe and of the opinion that the combination of pain management and chiropractic care delivered at the same time is the fastest way to achieve maximum pain relief in the quickest way possible.

Are cervical epidural injections safe?

The cervical epidural injection which is a safe and effective minimally invasive treatment is prescribed and performed to relieve neck, upper back, shoulder and arm pain by flushing out inflammatory proteins with a corticosteroid. This procedure also decreases swelling at the level(s) involved which in turn relieves pain.
A cervical epidural injection is a non-surgical and very safe means of treating neck pain that should be delivered in tandem to your conservative chiropractic management of your auto accident injuries. Your cervical epidural injection is injecting the anti-inflammatory agent in the epidural space in the neck region.

Do I have to Go To The Hospital?

Amazingly, you do not have to go to a hospital or even an ambulatory surgical center and our doctors can perform your neck injection in an office setting utilizing fluoroscopic guidance via Fluoroscopy. Fluoroscopy is like an x-ray video guidance system which has been medically recognized to improve needle placement accuracy which in turn diminishes the risk of complications.

How Does the cervical epidural injection work?

Your first cervical epidural injection is both diagnostic and therapeutic. It is diagnostic because following a sequence of typically three injections and how your body responds to these injections helps the doctor to specifically determine which levels of your neck are involved. It is therapeutic as it will relieve your pain as described above.


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