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Taxicabs defined as common carriers are a for profit business providing public transportation that are regulated by state and/or city regulations. Taxi services are typically for individuals who need transportation and is limited to 8 passengers including the driver. Common carrier services can also be for freight however this typically falls into the commercial transportation category.
If you or a loved one has sustained an injury while riding in a taxicab or other common carriers such as Uber taxi cabs trains, public or private buses, airport or stadium shuttles that was due to negligent driving activities, odds are you will rightfully can seek compensation for personal injury, pain and suffering and even personal property damages. More times than often a personal injury lawsuit can be brought against the negligent driver and the company that owns the common carrier vehicle you were riding in at the time of collision. This scenario also is available if a taxicab hits the vehicle you are driving or riding in a collision or accident if they were negligent.

Settling A Taxicab or Uber Claim Is a Difficult And Complicated Process.

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Do We Even Need To Discuss The Reasons for Taxicab Accidents in Phoenix

Taxicab drivers only make money by picking up and delivering people who pay their fares so the more times they do this the more money they make. Taxi services are regulated and taxi drivers are expected to operate their common carrier vehicles responsibly and in accordance with the regulations of safe driving as imposed by the company they work for as well as the city they are employed in Arizona.

Who Is liable When Taxicabs or Common Carrier Collisions Happen:

The taxicab operator and typically the owner of the taxicab company can be liable for accidents that are caused by a negligent driver. Additionally, when the taxicab accident was caused by mechanical failure, the mechanic and mechanics or companies chosen garage that allegedly repaired and then approved the common carrier vehicle for public operation can likewise be co- liable for damages. Taxicab companies are legally required to have at all times they operate adequate passenger vehicle insurance to protect their cars, their drivers and most importantly their consumers as passengers.
Being a victim associated with a taxicab accident where the taxi driver was negligently responsible for or contributed to the accident you can legally and rightfully seek financial compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, property damage, loss of income, and more. Punitive damages may be appropriate if the cab driver was found to be operating the vehicle was driving in a particularly aggressive or erratic fashion especially if the driver was under the influence of alcohol, street drugs and sometimes even operating while taking prescription drugs.

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