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If you or a loved one have been in an auto accident in the greater phoenix area or surrounding cities, a visit to your friendly Phoenix Car Accident Dot Com chiropractors, we believe is exactly what you should do to attend to your immediate or delayed pain, but also to increase the chances that you will not suffer long-term consequences. Be aware, even minor car collisions can develop into major permanent problems down the road.

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Common Auto Injuries

Remember that one of the most immediate or delayed pains that you will experience associated with an auto injury is called whiplash. However there is a virtual plethora of additional neck injuries related to car accidents. Whiplash occurs with rapid and abrupt jerking of your head and neck which typically results in pain, as well as headaches, ranging from dull to excruciating and lasting for days, weeks, months, or even a lifetime, if you do not receive proper care following a motor vehicle accident.

Back and spinal injuries are typically found and diagnosed in victims of auto accidents who seek proper medical and chiropractic treatment. It may come as a surprise that it really doesn’t take much force to whack your vertebrae or your spinal discs out of place, causing immediate or delayed pain and suffering. It is crucial to understand that being involved in car accident, even if you think it was minor or if an observer tells you he or she thinks the accident was minor, still causes you to be extremely vulnerable to whiplash and other neck or spinal injuries. The back and neck injuries that you don’t feel right away following any type of abrupt traumatic car crash are the ones that can cause you the nastiest problems, because if they are left alone they have a greater chance to become permanent than if they were properly treated.


How Chiropractors Can Help

When your spine gets “whacked out of place” this is known as a spinal misalignment of your spine and if left untreated typically will produce overwhelming effects on your back over the course of your lifetime. Soft tissues such as spinal discs can start to degenerate, bulge, or herniate and even bony vertebrae will degenerate. The combination of this bone and disc issues create nerve impingements or “pinched nerves” which typically are the underlying cause of pain as well as possible numbness or weakness in your arms and legs. A typical progression of every as days turn into weeks and weeks into months will allow your injuries to become worse. Eventually engaging in normal everyday activities of living become a painful task to perform.

Scientific auto accident research is highly suggestive that car accident suffers with whiplash or other neck or spinal injuries have a statically high probability of developing severe and chronic pain. Your human nature to naturally ignore the signs and symptoms of auto injuries only makes the situation much worse.

Luckily seeking timely treatment and care from a Phoenix Car Accident Dot Com chiropractor after a vehicle accident can make a huge transformation to the best health possible. Even if you don’t feel symptoms from a Phoenix auto injury, it is a smart decision on your behalf to have a specific car injury exam from one of our chiropractic Physicians to determine and diagnose an underlying injuries that may lead to pain and suffering in your future years. We say it is always better to safe today than sorry later.

OK so If you already feel pain or stiffness in your neck, back, shoulders our doctors of chiropractic can check your spine to discover any underlying injuries and start to attend to your injuries and you can begin your road to recovery.

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