Back Pain

Who else is experiencing back pain after a car crash?

Researchers at The Albert Einstein School of Medicine, in 2002, determined with the highest degree of medical certainty that your car seat is actually the root cause of the bio mechanical spinal injuries resulting from car wrecks.

Your spine is a naturally curved structure that is designed to absorb mild to moderate shocks and trauma all while permitting freedom of movement. However it was not designed to absorb the typical forces of a car collision that happens in fractions seconds.

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Most automobile manufactures, but not all car manufacturers, design occupant seats to fit the model of car they being built for. Of course if you can afford the higher end cars the seats do incorporate safety features for the purpose of diminishing trauma to the occupants.

Once you accept that your car seats are the main culprit of adding to your auto injury now try to imagine the number of styles of car seats with distinctive styles, covers, padding and configurations. Basically when your car seat doesn’t match your spinal curves, the intense acceleration of the car seat during collision impact typically causes certain parts of your spinal column to move more than other parts. This is especially true of the neck and upper back.

The traumatic shearing forces typically causes stretching and even tearing of the ligaments of your spine, resulting in discomfort, inflammation, nerve injury, and scar tissue which will in turn lead to long-lasting damage.

Chiropractic care has stood the test of time and has proven to be a dependable and trustworthy way to help people with neck and back pain caused by motor vehicle accidents

If you or a family member has been involved in an auto collision our chiropractors and medical doctors are here to help you. We can diagnose the underlying cause of your problem and provide a precise treatment plan to help you reclaim your health.

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