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Phoenix Rear-End Accident Attorney

A rear-end collision occurs when an oncoming vehicle rams into the back of your car. In the state of Arizona, the car that just rear-ended you is more than likely the at fault driver. So if you were at a stop sign and got rear-ended that driver more than likely will be the at fault driver, as per Arizona law. Another scenario might be that you as a driver slam the brakes on and successfully stop your car from rear ending the car in front of you, but then, despite all of your efforts to stop or prevent a car accident, you get rear-ended.

Typically, the driver that didn’t have the bird’s eye view that you did and, therefore, caused the accident by colliding into your car, will receive the at fault traffic violation from the police at the scene.

If you have been the victim of a Phoenix rear-end collision you may seek financial compensation for not only property damage, but if you were injured, you are also permitted to seek financial reward. Seek the help of an experienced Phoenix Car Accident Dot Com rear-end accident attorney and we will get you rightfully and legally compensated.

Recently Released Data Pertaining to Rear End Crashes from AZDOT

Rear end crashes are more common than all other types of multi-car crashes by a long shot. According to recent crash data statistics released by the Arizona Department of Transportation, in 2012:
38,567 rear end collisions occurred in AZ
45.63% of all collisions reported in AZ were rear-end collisions
50 fatal rear-end collisions occurred
11.76% fatal crashes in Arizona were rear-end crashes
43.32% of injury crashes were rear-end accidents
Source: AZDOT


The Top 5 reasons the driver who rear-ended you usually was at fault

  • Driving too close
  • Speeding too fast to stop
  • Distracted driving
  • Faulty Mechanical Maintenance
  • Texting

Be aware, you, as the accident victim, are entitled to financial recompense for medical expenses, hospital bills, pain and suffering, lost income or wages, future lost income or wages, and property damage. Speak to one of our attorneys concerning filing a personal injury claim with the at faults driver’s insurance company.


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