Early Intervention Is Key To Your Recovery

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Been injured in a car crash? Our Phoenix Car Accident Injury Chiropractors practicing in Phoenix and surrounding cities have been providing specific auto accident treatment for accident victims.

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Following a Phoenix Arizona car crash, it is equally dangerous as well as typical for people to delay treatment. If you have been in a car accident and you are telling yourself “I’ll just wait to see how I feel in a week or two.” This approach is a mistake. And it can affect the health of your spine and other joints well into the future and even worse these injuries typically become permanent.

An overwhelming number of scientific studies prove that when an accident injury victims seeks treatment following a crash in an immediate and prompt manner, they enjoy a better outcome than accident victims who delay treatment.

A car crash more often than not causes the structures of your neck to be traumatically stretched and sometimes these soft tissues such as ligaments, tendons, nerve tissue and muscles can actually tear or even rupture.

Believe it or not you may not experience discomfort and pain at the scene of the accident. As time passes these tissues become irritated and inflammation occurs, patients often get up the next morning dealing with soreness and possibly a stiff neck. The fourth or fifth day is typically the worst days following a motor vehicle accident.

Experiencing pain, stiffness and tightness are definite signs of underlying injury to the spinal connective tissues such as ligaments and tendons and can do the same to the muscular tissues of your spine. Your body is “hard wired” following spinal injury to decrease your range of motion or ability to move and to begin the repair process by producing a cascade of anti-inflammatory chemicals as well as move white blood cells to the area of injury. This is also true of other joints that are traumatically injured. After this immediate reaction your body will then start mending the injured area by the laying down scar tissue.

There are several problematic issues with scar tissue. The first being that scar tissue is not a very organized tissue and is actually weaker than normal ligaments, tendons and muscle tissue. So the scar tissue will cause further decreased motion at each level of your neck. As the scar tissue reduces your ability even more, and if you don’t undergo proper chiropractic care, typically results in permanent restriction of flexibility, chronic pain, and eventually will cause spinal deterioration of the discs and joints.

Seeking early and timely chiropractic care will work the scar tissues to align properly and heal correctly and will be stronger tissues than those car accident victims who do not seek Chiropractic care disrupts the laying down of the dis-organized scar tissue by increasing movement in the injured area and by preventing the development of scar tissue and actually causes these tissues to “organize” into normal more strong tissue.


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