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The legal team at Phoenix Car accident dot com confirms that rollover accidents are typically the most likely type of motor vehicle accidents to result in serious injuries and often involves fatalities or wrongful deaths of all the types of motor vehicle accidents. Amazingly enough it doesn’t matter if the vehicle involved in a rollover accident is a car, a truck, commercial truck or even a motorcycle.

Revealing The bad and The Ugly facts Concerning Rollover Collisions

According to The National Highway Safety Administration, “Rollover crashes still comprise a disproportionately large number of highway fatalities.” In fact, in 2010 the NHTSA revealed that more than 10,000 people die yearly from rollover crashes.
Although rollover crashes account for only three percent of vehicles in crashes, they lead to approximately one-third of all occupant deaths. (Source: NHTSA)
In a study of 328 rollover crashes, 68 percent of which were single vehicle crashes, more than half of the rollover occupants had their seat belts on.
About 30 percent of the cases involved a driver under the influence of alcohol
Approximately 40 percent of the rollover occupants were ejected, with 87 percent of them not wearing their seatbelt
The majority, or 60% of the ejected occupants exited through the side windows
Many occupants were injured by a crushed roof

What Do We Think As Well As Realize:

It’s basic human nature as the driver to think that you may have caused the rollover accident somehow, or you might even blame the other vehicle operator because as human beings we are hard wired to want to know who is right and who is wrong in the court of public opinion and more importantly in the eyes of the law. Naturally the investigating officer defaults to the most obvious cause of an accident for the police report more times than not.
Obviously a vehicle rollover occurs when a car, SUV, truck or even a motorcycle flips over on its side and rolls on the ground, at times rolling over multiple times. If you or a loved one have experienced a rollover accident, and you are not the negligent party you may be eligible for compensation.

High Center of Gravity And Roll Over Crashes

On the other hand faulty vehicle construction and design may be at fault which would require a specific roll over type investigation which can determine that there was an entire different reason the roll-over accident occurred.
Sport utility vehicles and especially lifted trucks have a higher center of gravity which increases rollover chances. These chances may even increase when these vehicles are occupied with passengers and/or a cargo payload.
When there are no rollover bars or faulty manufacturer roof reinforcement the roof can crush inward obviously endangering the occupants riding in the vehicle.

Have you or a loved one been injured in a rollover collision? We advise you to consult a Phoenix roll over injury attorney at Phoenix Car Accident Dot Com concerning the facts of your accident. You may legally be entitled to be compensated for damages for medical expenses, lost income including future lost income, pain and suffering as well as including property damage. If you suffered the loss a loved one as a survivor you can legally seek financial compensation and a wrongful death claim can be filed.

The events and facts leading up to and causing a car, sports utility vehicle, truck, motorcycle and especially a commercial vehicle rollover accident typically allows the victims to file a legal cause of action against the driver/operator when demonstrated that they were driving in a dangerous, unsafe, impaired or negligent manner. You have the right under the state of Arizona to initiate legal action against the operator and possibly against the manufacturer of the rollover vehicle for negligent product design.

These are all crucial factual information that absolutely must be discussed in intimate detail with your personal injury lawyer. The legal team at Phoenix Car Accident Dot Com, your specialized personal injury law team, delivers aggressive, one on one, skillful lawful guidance and representation. There are never any costs involved unless we successfully settle and win your case in court.
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