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Shoulder discomfort and pain is a very common symptom of shoulder injury directly related to car accidents.

There are two major reasons for shoulder pain and injury.

Direct and Indirect Shoulder Upper back and Neck pain.

The first being direct insult to the shoulder. This occurs if your shoulder hits a part of the car upon collision you can sustain injury to the shoulder joint capsule and this can be mildly painful to very painful and even debilitating.
When you are aware that you are about to be in a motor vehicle accident it is human nature to brace yourself for the oncoming collision. Many people grip the steering wheel and tighten their chest and shoulder muscles and the trauma is delivered from the car to your shoulders upper back and neck. By the way this can also be the reason you might sustain wrist and elbow injury also.

The second cause of shoulder pain is definitely not as obvious as the direct insult described above. The rapid and violent shock wave to the neck and/or the upper back will cause irritation of the nerves that exit from the neck and upper back and travel to your shoulder, arm, and hands. This type of pain is called radicular pain and can be confusing, as discomfort or numbness is felt in one part of your body, when the problem is actually in your neck and upper back nerves.

Chiropractic offers well-known and scientifically sound car injury treatment protocols to help people with their shoulder problems, and our chiropractors have experience managing these types of injuries in the greater phoenix valley and surrounding cities.

If you have been in an auto collision and are experiencing symptoms of shoulder injury we are here to help. During your examination we will pinpoint the root cause of your pain and come up with a custom treatment plan of action to help you reclaim your health.

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